Firewood Storage

A log store of at least 1.5 m³ is recommended where a property is heated by a log burning stove so that a standard delivery of 1m³ can be accommodated when the store is still a quarter full. The store should be roofed and well ventilated on at least two sides.

Proprietary wood stores are available in various sizes.

Where the intention is to buy unseasoned “wet” or “green” wood, a much larger storage capacity will be required so that logs obtained one or two years previously can be properly stored for the duration of the seasoning process i.e. storage capacity for three years supply of hardwood and two years for softwood will be required.

The logs should ideally be stored under cover and off the ground but open on at least two sides so that air can pass through.   A sunny, windy location is ideal. The logs should ideally be no more than 10cm (4˝) thick and cut to a convenient length for the stove or grate (Any logs with a diameter greater than 6” (150mm) should be split before storage).

The logs will lose 10-25% of moisture a year in this way, depending on the type of tree.   Some of the hard woods such as Beech, Elm and Oak require two if not three summers to season thoroughly.

Seasoned logs will typically have bark which comes away easily, splits across the grain and will create a hollow ringing sound when two logs are knocked together rather than the dull thud of wet wood.